Landlord, Tenant & Property Litigation

Landlord, Tenant & Property Litigation

Our landlord and tenant solicitor can assist you with commercial or residential matters.
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Providing Practical Advice For Your Needs

The Legal Practice Incorporating Craig & Co provides practical advice for your needs, whether that be prior to a potential issue, during a dispute, on an advisory basis or prior to entering into an agreement.
We are happy to assist you with a range of disputes that may arise, providing assistance to both landlords and tenants as well as agents.

Our Landlord & Tenant Service

Our landlord & tenant service includes:
  1. The grant and renewal of leases. 
  2. Termination of leases.
  3. Lease Assignments, Variation and Termination. 
  4. Forfeiture, Debt Collection, Tenant Default & Insolvency. 
  5. Landlord & Tenant (non-contentious matters). 
  6. Long Lease advice including repairs and service charge issues (Fixed fee consultations) 
  7. Property Finance, Re-Finance and Development. 

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We can minimise the hassle and expense to which you are exposed to.

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