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The TLP Fixed Fee Divorce Service

The process starts with a discussion with the divorce paralegal and this will enable us to obtain the information to start the divorce process.
With the information provided, we will prepare the court documents and process the divorce and keep you updated.
We offer a fixed fee divorce of £500+VAT (£600 including VAT), or a fixed hourly divorce solicitor rate from £240 per hour including VAT. The majority of divorces in England and Wales are not defended, this means that the divorce petition is accepted by both parties. 
Our fixed fee divorce service covers only uncontested divorces and if the spouse intends to defend the divorce, then an hourly rate service will be required. 
This service is available if you are the petitioner - the person who applies for the divorce or the respondent - the person who receives the divorce petition.

£600 Divorce Service Includes:

  • Initial discussion with the divorce paralegal for up to 30 minutes.
  • Drafting of the Divorce Petition and supporting documents.
  • Letter to your spouse with a draft of the petition included.
  • Contacting you to advise of response to the above letter.
  • Issuing the Petition at your local Court.
  • Contacting the Court to ensure spouse has filed the Acknowledgement of Service with the Court.
  • Drafting the compulsory statement and application to get your Decree Nisi.
  • Sending the completed statement and application to the Court.
  • Drafting the application for the Decree Absolute.
  • Regular updates as the divorce progresses and sending you the documentation when issued by the Court.

The £600 Divorce Service Does Not Include:

  • Court fees or any other accumulated expenses.
  • Court fees (£550) or any other accumulated expenses
  • Going to Court. Please note it is unusual for either party to need to go to Court about the petition.
  • Preparing any amendments to the Petition.
  • Additional correspondence.

Fixed Hourly Divorce Solicitor Fee

Our dedicated divorce team can deal with part or all of your divorce case on a fixed hourly fee from £240 per hour including VAT.

We will be able to provide an estimated cost after our initial consultation for your divorce.

Financial Affairs

It is important that financial matters are resolved at the same time as your divorce. If you have a financial agreement already decided then the Court will need to approve this. If you do not then a Court Order may be required. We offer support on your financial affairs as an additional service to the fixed fee divorce and are available to discuss this further.
To speak with an expert about a fixed fee divorce please contact Victoria Evans on:

Tel: 0208 903 7017

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