Employment Law

Employment Law

If you have been provided with a settlement agreement, the Legal Practice Solicitors in Wembley, London, offers free initial advice on the agreement.  
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After the initial advice, the costs of the settlement agreement is covered by the employers in most instances and can be provided in person or on the telephone including in the evenings and at weekends.

Employment disputes can be disruptive to both individuals and your business. At The Legal Practice Solicitors we pride ourselves on having excellent negotiation skills with experience in both routine settlements and more complex matters. Previously known as Compromise Agreements, Settlement Agreements are sometimes offered when terminating employment.

Settlement Agreements

The basis of a Settlement Agreement is that the employer offers further financial compensation or an incentive beyond your contractual entitlement to enter into the settlement. By signing the agreement, the right to bring an employment claim against an employer is withdrawn.

With effective negotiation, a settlement agreement can be an effective way to ensure you are adequately compensated for the termination of your employment without needing to bring a claim against your employer. Or alternatively, it can prevent your business having a potential claim against you which can be expensive, time consuming and be damaging to your reputation.

Legal advice should be obtained if you are offered a settlement agreement and our Employment Solicitor can advise you on any claims you may have and negotiate the best compensation in your situation, drafting the agreement to ensure you are fully protected.

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